Executive Open Programme in Healthcare Marketing



  • Developing an up-to-date vision in the heathcare sector
  • Mastering marketing techniques specific to the healthcare sector
  • Reinforcing skills as  strategy-maker and leader
  • Taking into account the new requirements in the Marketing occupation
  • Knowing how to federate energies around the product and customer strategy
Target persons:
  • Executives in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Doctors, pharmaciens, veterinary surgeons
  • Hospital project managers
  • Managers responsible for public or private healthcare institutes
  • Other players in the healcare sector: insurers, distributors, marketing practitioners, salespeople and/or project managers from different industry sectors.
Admission criteria:

Analysis of the application file and possible interview on the acquired experience and the professional project.

Scientific direction:

Sandrine Jaremko 
Partner of AEC Partners
Counseling activity in strategy and organisation, specialised in the are of healthcare
EM Lyon graduate

Costs & financing:

8 900 €
Meals are free of charge.


  • By the company (fully or partially) as part of the training plan or professionailzations time period
  • By the Fongecif as an individual leave for training purpose - in French: CIF (wages and training costs are taken care of)
  • By the company or Pôle emploi (French institute helping people to find a job) as the individual right for training - in French: DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation) - within the limits of 120 hours paid by most financing institutions at the rate of 9,15€ per hour
  • Personal financing
Degree of Manager-Director

3 to 4 specialized programmes of medium length have to be followed to obtain the degree of manager-director.

Participants build up their own curriculum:

  • by following the base programme of general Management of companies (compulsory) - 182 hours
  • by choosing 2 (even 3) specialisation programmes

The degree of Manager-Director can also be granted through a validation of acquired experience (in French: VAE - Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience).

Contact person:

Luc Muller (

+33 (0)1 49 23 24 55

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