Specialised Master in Biopharmaceutical Management



The goal of this master is to train doctors, nurses, professionals of the healthcare sector, engineers, managers, and legal experts to the main subjects in biopharmaceutical management.

For which occupation:

Consultant, project manager in health-related fields, product manager, customer relationship manager, analysts, research manager, lobbyist, funds and capital risk manager, etc.

Main teaching units:

  • Marketing management
  • Strategy and sector analysis
  • Pharmaceutical economy and data analysis
  • Management, audit andperformance
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • OTC, generic products, and management of innovative products
  • Trade marketing, evolutions in healthcare industry sectors
  • Market access, web marketing
  • Business development, banking activities and venture capital

Professional assignment: professional mission in a company or production of a business plan as part of a company creation - minimal time length: 4 months. Through the professional assignement students can put into practice what they have learned during the curriculum.

The programme also incudes a seminar abroad and ends up with the writing of a professional thesis.

Contact person:

Marina Coulon (
+ 33 (0) 1 49 23 58 06

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