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Dahsboard: a boundary object between two communities - case study of a private hospital
Bonnier, C., Saulpic, O., Zarlowski, P.

BONNIER C., SAULPIC O., ZARLOWSKI P., (2013), "Un tableau de bord objet-frontière entre deux communautés : étude de cas d'une clinique", Actes du 34ème Congrès de l'Association Francophone de Comptabilité, 2013, May 30-31, Montréal, Canada

Goals and research question:

Dashboards (TB and BSC) have been the topic of consequent amount of research. Such research mainly deals with problematics linked with the design of the tool, what they bring theoretically and the role they can play as means for communication (reporting). However, the way their role is presented stays at a rather general level and few empirical studies deal with the objectives followed during the implementation of TB/BSC. This paper wants to contribute to a better understanding of this aspect in answering the following research question: which role do dashboards play as means for communication between two groups of professionals (medical and administrative) within a private hospital?

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