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How is the medico-economic idea enacted in french hospitals? A literature meta-analysis.
Grenier, C., Saulpic, O., Valette, A., Zarlowski, P.

GRENIER, C., SAULPIC, O., VALETTE, A., ZARLOWSKI, P. "La fabrication en devenir du médico-économique dans les hôpitaux français : Une méta-analyse de la littérature", Papier soumis à Politiques et Management Public


This paper presents a meta-analysis of 67 management research papers drawing on the implementation of public hospital reform in France since 2005. It aims at investigating what this literature demonstrates about the current process by which the medico-economic idea is enacted in hospitals. Results underline that the medico-economic issue is more of a contextual feature than a research object and highlight practice diversity within establishments. Proposals are derived for future research therein: putting a reflection on the conditions for applied research contribution in the field on the research agenda; identifying analytical frameworks to grasp the issues attached to the hybridization of instruments, agents, governance and eventually decisions.

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