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The rise of CFOs in public healthcare: clinical and managerial challenge
Bonnier, C., Lartigau, J., Morales, J., Théron, C.

BONNIER, C., LARTIGAU, J., MORALES, J., THERON, C. "The rise of CFOs in public healthcare: clinical and managerial challenge", EGOS  Colloquium, 2015


This paper examines the work of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in public hospitals. This is a way to understand what it means to be a CFO in a public hospital, and to shed new light on recent changes in the occupation and more generally in public management, particularly regarding healthcare. The work of CFOs in private organizations is well known (Zorn, 2004 ; Gore et al., 2011 ; Datta & Iskandar-Datta, 2014). A lot less has been said about the work of CFOs in the healthcare sector. We draw on literature about occupational roles and identities to study the work of CFOs in public hospitals, and the situations and interactions in which they participate. We organize our findings in two main sections putting forward two sides of the work of CFOs in hospitals.

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