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Les fausses évidence de l'évaluation [Evaluation: when obvious facts are misleading]
Saulpic, O., De Geuser, F.

SAULPIC O., DE GEUSER F. (2009), « Les fausses évidences de l'évaluation », Rhizome, n°34, « Mesurer… les effets de l'évaluation »

"Evaluation is at the heart of discourses and practices in all sectors of society. It is often associated with the notion of result and/or performance. It is not always easy to know what this idea includes practically or on which principles it rests upon. In addition, this idea is based on the assumption that assessing the steps towards objectives always increase the chances to reach these objectives. This assumption is, even if it seems firstly common sense, very discussed and subject to debates. Furthermore, evaluation can take varied forms (formal, rigorous, subjective, discretionary,...). Overlooking these different forms can lead to a careless implementation of simplistic solutions and possibly dangerous ones."


(source: Rhizome [in French])

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